The Desert Space Foundation produced an exhibition that was the result of an international competition held to generate design concepts for an innovative “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign for the 21st century.

The competition was intended to acknowledge the historical significance of the original "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign designed by Betty Willis, while encouraging a new generation of designers and artists to use their creativity to stimulate the public’s perception of Las Vegas in a contemporary context.

The initiative was solely a design competition and not a competition for the creation of a commissioned work.

The exhibition was held at the Contemporary Arts Collective in Downtown Las Vegas in May of 2004. The exhibition was sponsored by: The City of Las Vegas Arts Commission, LaPour Partners, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Las Vegas Hospitality Association, Las Vegas Neon Museum, and the Las Vegas chapter of the American Institute of Graphics Artists.

The Jury for the competition was:

Sandra Harris, Executive Director, Neon Museum
Lisa Stamanis, Senior Visual Arts Specialist, City of Las Vegas
Helga M. Watkins, Assistant Professor of Art and Design, UNLV

Reviews of the exhibition can be seen at the following links:
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The winning entry of the design competition was by Chris Lasch and Benjamin Aranda. Their winning entry, "10 Mile Spiral", can be seen at the following link:
"10 Mile Spiral"

Below are examples of design submissions from the exhibition:

Chris Lasch and Benjamin Aranda

Raita Nakajima and Igor Marko

Scott Ogborn

Darius Kuzmickas

Marty Walsh
(exhibition invitation)

Stefano Borgia